Ad-hoc ICT & Digital Support Services

Support tasks are charged KES 2,320 per hour.

ICT & Digital Support Services as-and-when you need it.

With WebSoft Development taking care of your day-to-day ICT and digital operation tasks, you get the support you need from a specialist team with the requisite knowledge and skills.

Our support commitment is to provide you with complete visibility, traceability and accountability for your ICT and digital operations.

Below is our ad-hoc ICT & Digital Support Services Catalog:

Email Administration

A task may include:

  • Creating email accounts for users
  • Resetting passwords for email accounts
  • Configuring email forwarding and aliases
  • Troubleshooting email delivery issues
  • Managing email storage quotas
  • Configuring spam filters and email security settings
  • Monitoring email server performance and usage
  • Performing regular backups of email data
  • Upgrading and maintaining email server software
  • Any other email-related problem or issue

Website Hosting

A task may include:

  • Creating and managing user accounts
  • Monitoring server uptime and performance
  • Configuring server security settings
  • Managing server resources e.g. CPU, memory & space
  • Installing and configuring software and applications
  • Performing server backups and restoration procedures
  • Troubleshooting server errors and issues
  • Updating server software and security patches
  • Managing domain names and DNS settings
  • Any other web hosting-related problem or issue

Website Maintenance

A task may include:

  • Updating website content e.g. text, images & videos
  • Testing website functionality and user experience
  • Ensuring website compliance with web standards
  • Monitoring website analytics to track visitors
  • Optimizing website performance and load times
  • Backing up website data and content
  • Updating website software and plugins
  • Fixing broken links and resolving errors
  • Managing website security - audits and scans
  • Any other website-related problem or issue

Business Automation

A task may be related to:

  • Calendar management and appointment scheduling
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Sales and marketing
  • Customer support
  • E-commerce
  • Project management
  • Data management
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Inventory management
  • Human resources (HR), etc.

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