Website Maintenance Services

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Website Maintenance Services in Kenya

Website Maintenance Services

Maintenance of a website is as important as building the website. If you have an existing website and need a reliable company to make updates to the site, let WebSoft Development take care of your website maintenance so that you and your staff can focus on what you do best; running your business!

Our web maintenance plan varies from design changes, html changes, change in content, image management, database and content management for dynamic websites, web server administration and hosting services. We can keep your website up-to-date by adding new content and updating existing content. In fact this is the actual challenge your website faces once it has been made operational - keeping it fresh so that your visitors can come to your website again and again.

From HTML web pages to global applications our team of experts are well-equipped to handle all maintenance jobs. Why hire web programmers and web designers on a permanent basis when you can partner with WebSoft Development and incur costs only when there is a need?

Our Website Maintenance Services include:

  • Taking care of broken and dead links
  • Making design and structural changes as and when needed
  • Upgrading existing functions and adding new functions
  • Adding new pages and updating existing pages (i.e. text updates, announcements, job opportunities, staff changes, etc.)
  • Taking care of the directory structure
  • Archiving (backing-up) current content
  • Handling server outages